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The force that brings you
peace of mind

The time of true safety and profitability is here. Xrock Automation system optimizes the mine’s processes in a responsible way and gives you the time to focus on anticipating and developing your business.

that drives
true value

The mining industry is under revolution. Driven by safety and economic incentives, demand for increased automation and more intelligent systems is ever growing. Xrock Automation helps you get the best possible value from your business in a responsible way, and it gives you something that’s crucial for creating true value – peace of mind.

Peace of mind

Xrock Automation helps you optimize operations to the maximum level. The risk of error is reduced, and you can trust that the working environment is safe and productive. When everything works at the optimal level, not only are idle and downtime minimized, but also the capacity to efficiently schedule work, anticipate the future, and proactively work towards developing your business grows.

  • Truly safe working environments
  • Minimize idle and downtime
  • Increase availability
  • Easy installation and full scalability

Xrock Automation lets operators control everything ergonomically from the safety of a control room. The Xrock Automation system itself is specifically designed to be user-friendly: it’s easy to learn and intuitive to use, so users will quickly get acquainted with productive work. Boom operation, management and diagnostics are available straight from the control station.

  • Easy to install, learn and use
  • Naturally accessible controls
  • Maximum workday efficiency
  • Ergonomic and comfortable

Why complicate things? We make purchasing Xrock Automation “one step less” for you, so you can focus on your business. All Xrock Automation platforms are made flexible and scalable to the mine’s current and future demands. As your business grows and develops, we’ll deliver you readily available solutions straight from the shelf.

  • Fully scalable to mine’s comms network
  • Minimize idle and downtime
  • One step less in purchasing
XROCK® Platform

Xrock® Automation Platform

Xrock Automation Platform is an advanced tele-remote and automation system for breaker booms, which combines hardware and software to provide excellent performance now and in the future. Xrock Automation Platform consists of two types of subsystems: Operator Station and Boom System, which support multi-operation and are fully scalable to the mine’s needs.

XROCK® Operator station

Xrock® Automation
Operator station

Installed in the safe and comfortable control room, the operator station provides an ergonomic and efficient working environment for the boom operator. Accurate, intuitive controls and good ergonomics prevent fatigue and help maintain maximum productivity.

  • Ergonomic and intuitive control panel design with all critical boom control functions directly available.
  • Comfortable chair with versatile adjustments ensures good working ergonomics for every operator independent of their size.
  • High-resolution 34” curved monitor with optional audio.
  • System Controller manages the remote connection between Operator Station and Boom System over the mine network.


Xrock® Automation Boom View

The primary user interface for the remote boom operator includes two viewing modes – control and surveillance.

Xrock® Automation Boom Manager

A comprehensive configuration and diagnostics tool for all platform systems.

With Xrock Automation, boom position calculation and other advanced features are included.

XROCK® Boom System

Xrock® Automation
Boom System

A factory installed system for remote breaker boom operation which ensures safety and efficiency with high-quality features.

  • Boom Controller processes operator commands and drives hydraulic valves.
  • Safety PLC for emergency stop and safety functions.
  • High quality video and audio feed to Operator Station.
  • System Controller manages the remote connection between Boom System and Operator Station over the mine network.
  • Local radio remote controller enables boom control locally.
  • With Xrock Automation Smart, boom position calculation and other advanced features are included.

Xrock® Automation Product Family

All the Xrock Automation product options are flexible and scalable according to your mine’s needs.
Advanced options can be added to the products to further enhance the mine’s operations.

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Peace of mind
for the future

Xrock Automation harnesses the intelligence of automation to help business owners overcome the various challenges of today’s mining industry and get more value from the resources in their mines. Additionally, Xrock Automation helps optimize operative processes, allowing you space and time to plan the actions needed for future growth in the most productive and precise way.


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