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The client register’s data protection document

Data controller

RamBooms Oy
Business ID 08575597
Yrittäjänkatu 10
FI-15170 LAHTI

Data protection contact

Tarja Ruti

The name of the register

The name of the register is Rambooms’s client register.

The cause and grounds of the personal data control

The data is collected for a specific, express and legitimate cause in order to fulfill the customer relation’s obligations from the sources of the customers and stakeholders.

The data is collected according to this privacy policy and in no circumstances will be used, changed or transferred in a manner altering from that described in this privacy policy statement.

The register’s content

The following types of data may be processed:

The register may contain the following information:

  • contact information, including name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses
  • registration information, including username, screen name, password and any other identifying ID
  • age, gender, title or profession, native language and nationality
  • information related to the customer relationship, including invoicing and payment data, product and order information, customer feedback and contact events, raffle and competition answer information and cancellation information
  • information related to the realisation of communications and information on the use of the services, including information on searches and browsing
  • any profiling information and information about interest provided by the customer
  • consents and permissions
  • any other information collected with the consent of the customer
  • information on the data subject’s employer, job title or position if the data subject represents an organization
  • Information on any changes to the abovementioned data.


Information related to the customer is usually collected by the following means:

  • from the customer by phone, via a return card, online, by email or by similar means
    • with cookies or other similar techniques
    •  at customer events or other occasions at which the customer provides the information.

Data protection

Rambooms takes the essential technical and organizational actions to secure the data against unauthorized access and against accidentally or illegally occurring removal, changing, resigning, transferring or other illegitimate use of the data. These actions are checked and updated when necessary.

All of Rambooms employees and Rambooms’s external personnel are under an agreement of professional confidentiality concerning all customer data.

The right of access

The registered has a right to check which personal data of them has been saved to the register. After having done a sufficiently specified and personalized verification request, the registered is entitled to gain an access to the data and the data of the recordings concerning the registered. The request for access has to be addressed in a literal form and signed to the contact person of the data controller, provided with a copy of an identity card.

The right to require correction and removal of the information

The data controller is liable to correct the false information on the register indicated by of the person concerned.

The data controller additionally is responsible by voluntary actions to ensure the relevance and timeliness of the data.

The registered is entitled to require the data controller to remove their data from the register.


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